Are You Ready For Cross Docking

All about cross docking


Cargo Cross Docking Solutions usage

There is no doubt that cross docking can increase productivity and customer satisfaction for the business because the client can receive goods faster through the system. Some of the major solutions that come from the usage of this system include:

  • Provision of a central docking area
  • Break down of large loads into smaller ones
  • Combination of various loads into one transportation method

The provision of a central docking site is one that cannot be overlooked. As we explained earlier, the site is used to process the goods and categorize them for delivery to multiple locations in faster process. This process is known as the ‘hub and spoke’ arrangement. If for example you have a large load, this could be broken down into more manageable loads making it easier to deliver the products to their destination.

This process is often termed deconsolidation arrangements. Lastly, you can use this service to save on costs that come with delivering small loads. This is because the small loads are all combined into a larger shipment making the process more economical. This application is referred to as consolidation arrangements.